Recent Settlements

The following represent only a few of the hundreds of high profile cases mediated and settled by Robert Smith of American Mediation Association. The original pleadings in the cases illustrated below averaged over One Million ($1,000,000.00) Dollars.

PRE SUIT Mediation: Estate of Destin Bibbs, A Minor vs. 3 Star Daylighting, Inc., et al;
Mediated July 2013 – Settlement sealed

 • A Tragic accident took the life of this 14 year old boy, when his Bicycle ran under a Tractor-Trailer rig at a Fort Worth highway intersection. Suit brought by the family through the Law Office of Todd Smith. 

Cause No. DC-11-08385; Patriot Bank vs. Danny Rice; 192nd 
District Court of Dallas County, Texas

 • Suit brought by Leyh & Payne,L.L.P against the owner of a large Sand & Gravel firm for recovery of more than a half-million dollars in Promissory Notes.

Cause No. 2009-59635; Tambra DeLoach vs. Comex Corporation and Door Automation, Inc, 
et al; In the 289th Judicial District Court of Harris County, Texas

 • Brought by the Law Offices of William Edwards (Corpus Christi) and The Cochran Firm (Houston) Plaintiff injured in an automatic door accident, later had below knee amputation. $500k in medicals. Settlement sealed.  

Cause No. DC-10-15103-L; Richard MacDonald vs. Gregory Wilder and Ingersoll-Rand Corp.
In the 193rd Judicial District Court of Dallas County, Texas.

 • Brought by the Law Offices of Curnutt & Hafer, L.L.P. for severe injuries caused when Plaintiff was rear ended by Defendant at 60 MPH on LBJ Freeway. Specials exceeded $200k. Settlement sealed.

Cause No. 52402; Augustin Manriquez vs. Endeavor Natural Gas and Jay W. Hawkins D/B/A/ 
H & K Investments; In the 239th Judicial District Court of Brazoria County, Texas.

 A Million Dollar suit brought by the Law Offices of Alton C. Todd on behalf of their client, who was seriously injured in an oil field accident. Specials were in excess of $200k. near Limits case.

Cause No. 2009-79181; Geronimo Ramirez and Ysenia Garcia, Individually and ANF of Victoria Ramirez vs. Jesse Dale Fox and Escobar General Construction Services;
In the 61st Judicial District Court of Harris County, Texas.

 • Million Dollar suit brought by the Houston Law Offices of Jim Adler, Michael Gomez, Attorney, against two Defendants in a construction accident where Ramirez was working, in a cherry picker basket, and was struck in the head when a steel cable and hook detached under pressure. Ramirez suffered severe brain injury and had medical bills in excess of $400k. Settlement Sealed. 

Cause No. 342-22299707; Epifanio Delgadillo Vs. Floors, Inc. and Toll Brothers, Inc., Reliant Heating & Air Conditioning Inc., Victor Figueroa D/B/A Figueroa Framing, Rafael Leal, and Fermin Rodriguez; In The District Court, 342 Judicial District of Tarrant County, Texas

  •  Multi-million dollar suit brought by Wells, Purcell, Kraatz & Brookman (Fort Worth). Plaintiff was permanently injured in a residential construction accident. Defended by Sandy Liser of Naman Howell Smith & Lee; Bryan Reese and Jennifer Lee of Fee, Smith, Sharp & Vitullo; William Hancock of Borum & Hancock and Malcolm Deshong (Houston). Settlement Sealed.

Cause No.43829; Edward Aleman vs. Davila’s Construction, Inc., Janie Davila, Clemente Davila and Jo-Ann Cearley; In the 23rd Judicial District Court of Wharton County, Texas.

  • Million Dollar suit brought by the Law Offices of Mark Cusack (San Marcos). Plaintiff was severely injured on the job. Case settled at mediation. However the Plaintiff died of a massive heart attack the same day. 

Jackie Nelson vs. C-Corp, Incorporated. Pre-Suit mediation

  • Brought by Chuck Elsey with the Law Firm of Elsey & Elsey (Flower Mound);  this case involved severe injuries and permanent  disfigurement to the 50 yr old Plaintiff when he was broadsided in an intersection accident. Settlement sealed.

Kreg G. Vaughan and the Wrongful Death beneficiaries of Elbert Ray Thorn and Gloria A. Melton vs. Billy Wayne Duke and Duke Sanitation Company; PRE-SUIT mediation – Henderson County, Texas 

  • Attorneys Raymond Hatcher (Longview) and Jeffrey Weinstein (Athens). A tragic accident on a bridge south of Chandler, Texas, which took the lives of two people and severely injured two others. A Sanitation truck lost the front steering tire and crashed into two oncoming vehicles. Policy limits 


Ronnell Birdon vs. C & D Maintenance, Inc,. et  al. Cause No. 164,309-B; In The District Court of Wichita County, Texas.

  • Brought by Jonathan Harris of Schecter, McElwee, Shaffer & Harris (Houston, Texas). Ronnell Birdon, a 40-year-old truck driver, suffered serious and permanent injuries when a tractor, pulling a grass mower struck a highway light pole, knocking it over and into the windshield and cab of the Dump truck Birdon was driving.  Near policy limits. 

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