Mediation & Arbitration Fees

Settlement Conferences conducted in our Dallas offices

Level 2-3  Cases with $100,000.00 to One Million Dollars in pleadings:


Our fee is $1,450.00 per party, and includes pre-mediation telephone conferencing, scheduling, and a full-day settlement conference with Breakfast and a catered lunch provided. If post-mediation negotiations are required to achieve settlement, the mediator will provide up to two (2) additional hours at no charge to the parties. One or more Claimants, Plaintiffs, or Defendants, represented by their respective attorney, constitutes a “party”; Intervenors are also considered a “party”. Mediation Fees are due 10 days prior to mediation.


Our fee for a half-day (4 hour) mediation of level 2-3 personal injury or general tort case is $750.00 per party and includes all work required to schedule the mediation. Mediations may be set for a morning or afternoon session. Should additional time be required to achieve settlement, and the parties elect to continue mediating, each party will be billed at $175.00 per hour. Breakfast or Lunch served at all morning /afternoon sessions. Additional parties may reduce the total fee.

Level 1 Cases:  MVA and general tort cases below $100,000.00 in pleadings:

  • 2 HOUR MEDIATION:   $395.00 per party
  • 3 HOUR MEDIATION:   $450.00 per party
  • 4 HOUR MEDIATION:   $550.00 per party

Additional time will be billed at $100.00 per hour-per party.


Fees for a four-hour hearing are $950.00 per party, and $1,800.00 per party for a seven-hour hearing conducted by the Arbitration Judge. Both sides must agree to the rules outlined in the Uniform Arbitration Act by signing the confidential pre-arbitration agreement. The disputants may elect to establish a confidential “Floor & Ceiling” in the case of High-Low Arbitration. The parties must also agree that the decision of the Arbitrator shall be binding upon the parties. Two hours of pre-hearing study time is included in the fee; additional pre-hearing time is billed at $185.00 per hour, per party. If post-hearing briefs are submitted, the Arbitrator’s hourly fee for study time is $185.00 per party. Arbitrations which are cancelled for any reason, after the original Scheduling Order is signed, will result in the loss of all fees paid to that date; Additional Administrative fees may apply.


We treat each scheduled case the same as a Court Setting. If a scheduled mediation is cancelled or postponed with notice given at least ten (10) days prior to the reserved mediation date, no fee will be charged. However, if mediation is cancelled less than 10 days of the original mediation date, for any reason, including settlement, each party will be charged 50% of the regular per-party fee Our fees are based on our record of settlement success over the past 27 years and not on competition in the marketplace. Good Lawyers simply can’t afford to mediate a case twice.

                                                     “When you get serious about settling your case”

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